5 Amazing Things To Do In Andaman


Take a dive in the Bay of Bengal


Want to witness India’s beautiful coral reefs? Then Andaman is the right place for you. Take a dive in the Bay of Bengal and explore the life beneath.

*Can be enjoyed at the Elephant beach and North Bay Island.


Experience the magical bioluminescence


It is said the water sparkles during the full moon nights due to the presence of phytoplankton. Can be seen at Gobindnagar beach in Havelock Island (as told by the locals).

*Do share your experience if you witness the magic happening!


Have dinner at Afloat!


Afloat is the famous floating restaurant of Port Blair. The smell of the ocean, the cold breeze, moon light and amazing food sounds perfect!

*Best time slot to book is 5-7 pm


Enjoy water activities with friends


There are tons of activities that can be done with friends like snorkelling, banana ride, jet ski, glass boat ride, submarine rides and many more to make memories for lifetime.


Trek to the caves!


Explore the Baratang Islands and enjoy the wild walk through the mangroves to the limestone cave.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get going…

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