5 Must Visit Places In Shillong


I have a personal liking for hill stations, so last year I thought of visiting the capital city of Meghalaya that is Shillong. Shillong is a small but beautiful city between the clouds. I stayed there for two days and trust me if you want to cover the main destinations of Shillong 2 days are more than enough.

So here are the five major spots that are worth visiting


1. Elephant Waterfalls

This elegant waterfall is located in the outskirts of Shillong. It is a two level waterfall. Its best if you visit between August and November as the volume of water increases making the flow of water more voluminous. Level 1 is a thick waterfall coming from the mountains, then you go down the stairways to witness the second fall which comes down to a stream. You can say nature’s beauty at its best.

2. Shillong Peak

This is the highest point in Shillong. A famous picnic spot for the locals and tourists. You can get a view of the entire city from here. Since I visited this place in October the place was covered with thick fog. But thanks to my luck the fog vanished for a moment and I got a sneak peak of the city 😉
Here you can get good eateries and gift shops to buy stuffs made of wood and bamboo.

3. Roman Catholic Archdiocese

One of the oldest and architecturally beautiful church in Shillong. This church was built in 1889, the compound is surrounded with lush green grass and flowers (you can say it is well maintained). A good place to spend some time in peace and also great for photography enthusiasts.

4. Wards Lake

Located in the heart of the city is a beautiful natural lake surrounded by a variety of flora and fauna. Entry charges are very nominal and yes you need to pay 10 bucks (INR) for the camera (still nominal! :P). Main attraction? Boating over the lake, which was one fun experience as we had to paddle our boat and we were exhausted (low in stamina :|). But a must go place!

5. Lady Hydari Park

This is one of the major attractions of Shillong. This is a beautiful park which contains 3 major sections: The rose gardens, Butterfly museum and The Zoo. The garden structure is influenced by Japanese style and you can also get a sight of deer whiles trolling the park. 

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