The land – Khasra No 258 spills out the Parisian scent from every nook. This hidden gem is known as ‘Champa Gali’ is located in the Lane no.3 of Saidulajab (a village in Saket). A few years back this place used to be a poultry shed, which is now been transformed into a Parisian passageway all thanks to Mr Jiten Suchede. His stunning carpentry and tea stall (Jugmug Thela) led to the rise of Champa Gali.

First Impression…



As you enter the lane no.3 of Saidulajab, what you see is truly a delight to the eyes. The green cloth beautifully hanging from one roof to another covering the entire place, which is fairy-lit in the evenings. Champak and Bamboo planted along the sides of the wooden tables and benches creating a magical atmosphere.

Jugmug Thela


jugmug-thela-decor jugmug-thela-decor-2


You see Jugmug Thela right in the middle of the lane waiting for you to take a sip of their Masala Chai. Right opposite to it is their reading room that has a great collection of books. You can pick any book from their collection while you enjoy your brownie and sandwiches.

Handicrafts, clothes and sculptures


lady-in-red-champa-gali  man-sitting-on-bull-champa-gali


Right next to Jugmug Thela is a pretty little store (Jugaad) selling handmade recycled stuff like notebooks, jewellery, bags etc. at a reasonable rate. Next to it is a design studio named People Tree that has a great collection of hand-printed T-shirts, stoles and apparels along with a variety of quirky jewellery.

Graffiti walls and Pho-King



As you walk out of the main lane, you see tiny colourful houses that have been converted into design studios. The walls around have been transformed into a canvas making the place colourful and vibrant. A cute restaurant (Pho-King) just next to the studio will remind you of Greek terrains with its blue interiors, white walls and flowers hanging on the sides of the gate.

Blue Tokai


The one to bring in the name ‘Champa Gali’. This café come roastery serves coffee for your soul. This is a paradise for coffee lovers as they get a great variety of coffee to pick.

P.S: This place is 10 minutes’ walk from Saket metro station. Go spend a day lingering, reading and munching at Champa Gali.


Meenakshi is a designer by profession and traveller by heart. Photography is something that she cherishes and goes on a Click! Click! Click! spree wherever she goes.

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