My 5 Expectation vs Reality Moments while Travelling

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There comes a time every year when my conscious awakens me to try something fatal in my life. This fascinating thing called “adventure” takes me to places, asks me to do wonderful things, and tests my abilities beyond expectations. But, not all these experiences cherished or remembered. Sometimes when expectations go wrong, regret arises.

The idea of adventure sounds mesmerizing. However, the reality hits hard when an ordinary person like me who hasn’t seen the morning sun in ages or considers carrying a laptop from one desk to another as physical activity goes out seeking adventure.

Here are my top 5 Expectation vs Reality moments in travel that turned my world upside down.

River Rafting

My first trip with friends and the absence of overly worried parents made us chose Rishikesh as our dream destination. We were  pumped up by the idea of diving in the Ganges without even the slightest knowledge of swimming. Quite daring actually. I wouldn’t say that the trip was bad, in fact we were quite relieved by the fact that we chose the shortest rafting tour. However, nobody mentioned things that we saw there.

Expectation: We expected the rafting experience to be fun and indeed it was. Before beginning the activity we were wishing to have more distance to cover and additional time to spend in the river.


Reality: Rowing the raft constantly for 3 hours was tiring and there was no running away as everyone had to equally contribute to making the raft move without being stuck in the rapids. The rapids were scary especially when we saw a titanic moment happening right in front of our eyes. Moreover, how can we forget the body ache for the entire next week!

Cliff Jumping

This is something that I was eagerly looking forward to on my Rishikesh trip until I attempted it. Watching people jumping off the cliff was easy. But as soon as I went on that cliff, my heart sunk before I did.

Expectation: I expected it to be easy and exciting as all I had to do is jump from a 12 feet tall cliff. In addition, I had nothing to worry about as I had the life jacket to save me from drowning.

Reality: I froze the moment I saw the water surface from a 12 feet high cliff. The height was more than what I had imagined and the worst was getting pushed off the cliff and hitting the water surface hard.

Roller Coaster

On my trip to Abu Dhabi, I visited the Ferrari World. Riding the world’s fastest roller coaster was a dream coming true. It was truly a “ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE” because I will never ride it again!

Expectation: I knew that riding the fastest rollercoaster would be an achievement that I will flaunt until something faster gets build. I expected it to be fun and exciting.

Reality: The first 10 seconds were exciting when the car slowly went up the track but the next 50 seconds were just fear, regret and tears.


With my consistent weight issues, rappelling has never been my favourite thing. It is not easy to pull or throw yourself from the mountains with just a rope tied around your waist that holds up the whole body weight.

Expectation: I assumed that pushing myself down the mountain would be easier than pulling myself up.

Reality: After banging myself multiple times on the mountain surface is when I realized that it wasnot a good idea for me. I don’t want to sound discouraging but yes, it requires a lot of body balance otherwise you end up all bruised.

Flying Fox & Monkey crawl

I will admit that flying fox is fun. It is an effortless and smooth activity that you can do without much strength applied or any physical movement. All you need is a little bit of courage to swing across the mountains. If you’re new to adventure sports, this is something that will surely boost your confidence. On the other hand, Monkey crawl requires real efforts to pull yourself across the rope, being upside down. I used to enjoy this until I gained some weight and ended up being tired and stuck halfway!

Expectation: I thought that crawling would also be as easy as swinging across the mountains.


Reality: The moment of realization came when my harness almost stabbed me through my stomach and I was stuck halfway between two trees hoping to be rescued.

Still, my heart demands for more… If you have your own Expectation vs Reality moments to share, comment below 😊👇

Meenakshi is a designer by profession and traveller by heart. Photography is something that she cherishes and goes on a Click! Click! Click! spree wherever she goes.

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  1. Very nice article and very well written. I too have gone through such experiences during my visit to Rishikesh so could relate to it completely.

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