The land of the royals is a brilliant amalgamation of the old and the modern times. The modern Jaipur offers beautiful sky rise towers and cafes. On the other hand, the old city wins our heart with its old charms. The city painted in shades of pink is hard to miss. The only way to experience the true essence of the city is to walk down the lanes and explore the place brick by brick.

The city has so much to offer. From history, fascinating architecture to vibrant culture and delicious local food. This place is worth a visit. Here’s all that you can experience in the old city of Jaipur on foot.

Hawa Mahal


One of the hot spots in Jaipur, this architectural beauty can be seen on the go. Known as the Palace of Winds, the fortress is made of red and pink sandstone. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to cover this gigantic place. The fortress has 5 floors in total, with each floor displaying something unique. The top floor is where you get the aerial view of the city and the forts. If you’re wondering where you can see the iconic view of the Hawa Mahal then walk down to the market opposite to Hawa Mahal to witness the postcard-perfect view of the palace.

Jantar Mantar


Next what you see is one of the greatest inventions of ancient India. Hop-on into an electric rickshaw popularly known as ‘e-rickshaw’ from Hawa Mahal’s exit gate and Hop-off to the famous Jantar Mantar. The ride will be fun and would only cost you 20 INR. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is an ancient astronomical observatory built by the king of Jaipur, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. It’s truly brilliant to see how perfectly stones and metals are moulded into complex machines to measure the celestial bodies. It takes approximately 1 hour (if not too hot) to cover the entire complex. Moreover, don’t forget to get yourself clicked in front of the World’s largest Sundial.

City Palace


Jaipur can make you feel dehydrated even in winters. So don’t forget to take fluids in between your journey. City Palace is just 5 minutes’ walk away from Jantar Mantar. This grandeur was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in 1732, still serves as the royal residence of the Prince of Jaipur Padmanabh Singh.

As you enter the arch gateway, you’ll get a sight of the beautiful Mubarak Mahal, inside of which royal wears fine textiles are on display. From here head to the Chandra Mahal, the main building of the palace. The famous peacock gate also known as Pritam Niwas Chowk is the main gateway providing access to this place. The building is seven storeyed with each floor having a unique name and stunning interiors which you should not miss.



P.S: To visit exclusive rooms of the Chandra Mahal you have to buy a separate ticket worth 2500 INR that gives you access to the seven floors along with a personal guide.

The next comes the two main Halls of the palace, Diwan-i-Am and Diwan-i-Khas. Both have exquisite paintings, decorated ceilings and unique artefacts on display. The Royal throne resides inside the art gallery of Diwan-e-Am.

See the finest collection of war weapons used by the Rajputs in the museum at The Maharani palace and collection of old carriages at the Baggi Khana.


Head to the Museum Shop to buy jewellery and clothes created by master artisans. Before heading out, take a short stopover at the Baradari restaurant to charge yourself up with their refreshing drink and scrumptious snacks.



Now that the sun has set, it’s time to explore the wholesale markets of the old city. As you walk towards the Tripolia gate, you enter the Tripolia market. This market is famous for bangles and lac jewellery. You can also buy the famous ‘tie and die’ also known and ‘Bandini’ fabric from this market. Walk towards the Police Chowk to enter the Sireh Deori Bazaar that is opposite to the Hawa Mahal. This market has everything that you ask for. Leather goods, beautiful Rajasthani jootis, home décor, jewellery and traditional clothes.


Fine Dine


After all that walk, now it’s time to sit and relax. Head to the Indiana restaurant, a fine dining place serving delicious North Indian food complimented with traditional song and dance performance. A perfect way to end the day!

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  1. I keep visiting Jaipur. I was there yesterday too and have visited almost all the significant attractions. But yes, Jantar Mantar is still remaining.

    • Meenakshi Bose Reply

      Thank you 😀 Do visit Jantar Mantar, it’s very interesting to see such wonderful objects.

  2. Lovely post. While I was in Jaipur recently, I discovered that a wonderful view of the Hawa Mahal can be had from the roof-top Tattoo cafe which is housed bang opposite the monument.

    • Meenakshi Bose Reply

      Hey, thank you so much, I will definitely visit this cafe on my next visit 😀

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